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Plants for bees

Picture of Plants for bees
Help save bees by planting some of the following :


Poppy 'Fruit Punch'

Picture of Poppy 'Fruit Punch'
Papaver orientale



Picture of rootgrow™


rootgrow™ 100% UK Mycorrhizal fungi

Picture of rootgrow™  100% UK Mycorrhizal fungi
The best start possible and feeding your plants for life!


Shamrock Seeds

Picture of Shamrock Seeds
Grow your own luck!


Sunflower Giant Yellow

Picture of Sunflower Giant Yellow
Grow the tallest Sunflower!


Sweet Pea 'Floral Tribute'

Picture of Sweet Pea 'Floral Tribute'
Lathyrus odoratus


Sweet Pea 'Night and Day'

Picture of Sweet Pea 'Night and Day'
Lathyrus odoratus


The Flower Bunch

Picture of The Flower Bunch
Colourful first garden