Picture of Bordeaux Mixture - Fungicide

Bordeaux Mixture - Fungicide

Control Potato Blight!
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For the control of fruit and vegetable leaf diseases

Controls a wide range of fruit and vegetable leaf diseases including, leaf moulds, powdery mildew, downy mildew, potato blight, tomato blight, rusts, peach leaf curl, bacterial canker on cherry and plum, shot hole fungus on cherries and laurel and apple canker.

Apply: At the first signs of disease activity

How to use: Mix the Bordeaux mixture with water and apply as a spray to foliage as directed on the instructions on the pack. Ensure both sides of the foliage are adequately wetted with a fine coating of spray without drenching. Spraying requirements vary depending on the plants to be treated. (See pack for information).

Contains copper sulphate
-Size: 175g