Picture of Narcissus 'Dutch Master'

Narcissus 'Dutch Master'

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This golden Narcissus has very large trumpets and petals that arch slightly forward, these wonderful Narcissus will dance in the early morning breeze enhancing your spring garden with their beauty from as early as late March. Great for re blooming, they also make good cut flowers and have a lovely vanila like scent.
Fragrant Cutflowers from March until April
Hardy (-15C)
Spreads out over the years
Easy to grow
Full grown size 45 - 55 cm

How to plant and take care of Trumpet Narcissus Dutch Master

Planting soil: well-drained soil is necessary, you can improve drainage by working sand into the soil. Plant the bulbs noses upwards at least three times their height deep. After planting: water the bulbs to encourage them to start rooting. When flower-heads have faded, it is best to remove them but resist the temptation to remove yellowing foliage early, it contains valuable nutrients that will be used to feed the bulbs for next year's crop of flowers. Leave it for at least six weeks after flowering - longer if possible. Divide clumps in late summer.

-Size: 4 KG 70 bulbs (APPROX)