Picture of Narcissus trumpet 'Golden Harvest'

Narcissus trumpet 'Golden Harvest'

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Golden Harvest is an old Heirloom variety, in culture for more than 50 years, it is also one of the earliest daffodils to bloom heralding the return of spring, it has deep golden flowers with frilly golden cups. They flower profusely year after year and blooms are long lasting.
Spreads over the years
Can be used as cutflowers
Full grown height 50 - 75 cm
Full grown width 10 - 25 cm

How to plant and take care of Trumpet Narcissus Golden Harvest

Planting soil: well-drained soil is necessary for planting Trumpet Narcissus Golden Harvest , you can improve drainage by working sand into the soil. Plant the Trumpet Narcissus Golden Harvest bulbs with noses upwards at a depth of at least three times their height. After planting: water Trumpet Narcissus Golden Harvest bulbs to encourage them to start rooting. When flower-heads have faded, it is best to remove them but resist the temptation to remove yellowing foliage early, it contains valuable nutrients that will be used to feed the bulbs for next year's crop of flowers. Leave it for at least six weeks after flowering - longer if possible. Divide clumps in late summer.

-Size: 4 KG 70 bulbs (APPROX)