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Patty Pumpkin

How big can you grow me?
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How big can you grow me?
Pumpkins are very versatile. You can grow them for eating, Halloween carving, or to grow the largest pumpkin. The largest pumpkin ever grown weighed 666kg (1469lb)!
Sow my seeds: April-June. Sow your Patty Pumpkin seeds one each, on edge in 9cm (3½") pots, 2.5cm (1") deep. Keep on a sunny windowsill to grow. Plant out when the risk of frost is past. You can also sow direct outside from May onwards. Sow in groups of 3 seeds 90cm (3') apart. Thin to leave the strongest plant. 
Care of your Patty Pumpkins: Your young pumpkin plants should appear in 5-8 days. As the plants grow, pinch out the tips of the main shoots when about 90cm (3') long. Yellow flowers will be produced followed by baby pumpkins. Remove any weeds and keep the plants well watered. 
Pick my pumpkins: Sept-October. You can harvest your pumpkins when they turn orange from mid September onwards. You can store them by harvesting before the first frost and storing in a cool room. Just right for Halloween!
Culture: Growing instructions on packet.