Picture of Floral Meadow seed mix - Any Soil mix

Floral Meadow seed mix - Any Soil mix

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Nova-Flore Wild Flower Seed - Every Kind of Soil

This mix of seed contains 25 annual and perennial flowering species to create a rustic floral meadow in pastel shades - ideal for planting in every soil type, thus reducing mowing areas. The perennial flowers will grow again and again, producing attractive flowers the following year. Some of the species included in this mix are Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum, Malva Moschata, Linum Perenne and Lathyrus. There is enough seed in each packet for 30 square metres, but as the seed has no sow by date it can be kept and used year after year on smaller areas.

Average Height - 70 to 80 cm

Sowing Time - September, October, from March to June

Start Flowering - 6 to eight weeks after sowing, from April in the second year

Average Flowering Period - 3 Months

-Size: pack sows 30m2