Picture of Asparagus Gijnlim

Asparagus Gijnlim

Top performer in recent trials
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Gijnlim is an outstanding asparagus variety that has been a consistent top performer in recent trials, out-yielding others by up to 25%. It's early too, giving the first succulent tasty spears in mid to late April and continuing to crop heavily until mid June. It is an 'all male' hybrid, forming no seeds which means all its energies go into spear production and troublesome seedlings in the bed are avoided.
We supply one year old crowns, grown in East Anglia, which can be picked as soon as the year after planting. Plants crop for well over 10 years, and established beds can be cut from emergence of the first spears until mid-late June. Crops for up to 15 years.

-Size: Pack of 2 crowns