Picture of Asparagus Theilim

Asparagus Theilim

Plant March to June or September to December
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Asparagus crowns are very easy to grow and are suitable for any garden, large or small. This all male, high yielding variety produces medium thick green spears with closed purple tips. What could be better than your very own home grown asparagus. 

Planting Instructions 
Unpack the Asparagus plants as soon as possible. Soak the roots in water for one hour prior to planting and remove any broken or damaged stems. Put in good quality compost. Dig a trench 30cm wide by 20cm deep, to enable the roots to slope downward. Ensure the bud tips are just visible on the surface and water in well. Space the plants 30-45cm apart within rows and 45cm between rows. 

Keep the plants free from weeds and well watered. It is advisable to use a mulch, leaving space above crowns.

We recommend that you do not harvest the spears during the first two seasons as this may weaken the plant. This would also help develop a good healthy root system. Once established Asparagus plants can crop for up to 20 years!

When harvesting, cut the spears using a sharp knife 2.5cm below soil level when they are approx. 18cm long. 

Once the foliage has yellowed, cut the plant back to 2.5cm above the ground.-

Size: Pack of 2 crowns