Picture of Plum Opal - Self Fertile - Bare root

Plum Opal - Self Fertile - Bare root

Prunus domestica
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Bred in Sweden, this variety is very hardy
Opal plums are deliciously sweet, bite-sized dessert plums with a great colour range, from sunshine yellow to deep purple, often on one fruit. 

They have pale yellow flesh with a signature Greengage flavour. 

These are really early cropping plum trees and in a good year you can look forward to the first fruit being ready at the end of July - because they are so early.
Opal plums mature quite fast and they also reward being planted in a south facing spot - trained against a south facing wall is ideal.

The mature size is about 3m x 3m (9ft x 9ft)

Planting distance should be at least 3m (9ft apart)

-Size: Supplied as a bare root tree pruned to approximately 3 feet (1 metre) tall including roots.