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Seed & Potting Compost

For plants indoors or outdoors
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With the right balance of nutrients and trace elements added to high quality Irish sphagnum moss peat, Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost works with nature to guarantee healthy plant growth and development. Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost also contains an increased level of wetting agent to ensure easier wetting and re-wetting of compost that has dried out.


Ideal for use:

Sowing Seeds
Transplanting Seedlings
Rooting Cuttings
Re-potting Plants

Instuctions for use

Seed sowing:
Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost is specially developed to care for delicate seeds.

Loosely fill a clean tray or pot with compost and firm lightly. Water gently.
Sow seeds thinly and evenly.
Carefully cover with compost.
Place glass and newspaper or alternatively a plastic bag over the tray. Remove as soon as germination begins.
Place in a warm position.
Transplanting seedlings:
Shamrock Seed & Potting compost ensures healthy growth and vivid colour of developing plants.

Once seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant into trays filled with Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost.
Lift seedlings by the leaf to avoid damage to the stem.
Space them 5cm apart to allow room for development – water gently and regularly to prevent the compost drying out.
Plant out to beds and borders when ready.
Before planting gradually harden off plants to accustom them to outdoor temperatures.
Rooting cuttings:
Take cuttings making a clean sloping cut below a leaf joint and use a proprietary rooting powder to assist rooting.
Insert cutting into seed tray or pot filled with Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost.
Water gently and cover with a plastic bag to maintain a moist atmosphere and to prevent cutting from drying out.
Transplant when roots appear.
Repotting pot plants:
Seed & Potting Compost’s level of wetting agent combined with its balanced range of nutrients and trace elements make it the ideal compost for potting up all your plants.

Obtain a new pot 1-2 sizes larger than the existing one and fill bottom of the pot with Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost. Water the plant to be re-potted.
Tip gently out of the pot. Place plant into the new pot at the same level as before.
Fill in around the roots with the compost and firm gently.
Water lightly after potting.
After a period of 4-6 weeks feed with a suitable fertiliser such as Miracle-Gro Plant Food.
Advantages of Shamrock Seed & Potting Compost:
Provides plants with nutrient requirements for 4-6 weeks
Ensures better root growth and development for healthier plants
Special wetting agent aids in the re-wetting of the compost
Ready to use straight from the bag
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