Picture of The Birdwatcher's Garden

The Birdwatcher's Garden

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The most regular contact many people have with wildlife is the pleasure of watching birds in the garden. Increase the attraction of your garden for birds by supplementing the food, shelter, roosting and nesting sites that are available, and your garden will offer a safe haven for many species, both resident and migratory. Hazel and Pamela Johnson show the most effective means of ensuring that birds will flourish and also detail the principles of sympathetic gardening, discussing how best to enhance local habitats, whether in cities, suburbs, a village or rural setting. Even patios and balconies can be attractive and useful to birds. The authors share their experience of this, devoting a chapter to the particular concerns of small gardens. They also cover: constructing, siting and maintaining ponds; cultivating annuals, biennials, perennials and aquatic plants; organic gardening and conservation issues; avoiding potential hazards; and breeding and feeding habits.