Picture of Rhubarb Timperly

Rhubarb Timperly

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Long, bright, red-based sticks that average 60cm long with a delicious, sweet flavour. This is the most popular early variety that’s often ready for harvesting as early as February outdoors. 
It’s an excellent, succulent rhubarb that’s good for outdoor production and excellent for forcing in winter. 
The poisonous leaves must not be ingested but make a useful addition to the compost heap. A lovely, easy-to-grow and long-lived plant that produces a medium to heavy crop.

Garden Care: 
Incorporate lots of well-rotted organic matter into the planting hole and keep the base of the plant weed free. Apply a multi-purpose fertiliser to the ground before planting and dig in a good amount of well-rotted garden compost or manure every autumn. Remove any flowering shoots that appear and mulch again in early spring. 

Eventual Height: 1m
Eventual Spread: 1m

-Size: 2 litre pot