Picture of Asparagus Connovers Colossal- Loose

Asparagus Connovers Colossal- Loose

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Received an RHS AGM as a very well maintained selection of this old popular favourite. The quality of its bright green spears with deep purple tips, and huge yield is exceptional for a non hybrid. 
The crowns are best planted between March and May, and though a few spears can be cut the following year, it is best left for two years so that it can grow into a strong plant. 
Garden: care: Does best in light soil. Plant crowns in a trench that is 30cm (12in) wide by 20cm (8in) deep with a central ridge that is 10cm (4in) high. Place the crown on the ridge, spreading the roots out evenly and cover with soil. Harvest the spears in mid-spring when they are about 15cm (6in) tall and fairly thick.