Picture of Cooking Cherry - Morello - Self Fertile

Cooking Cherry - Morello - Self Fertile

Bare root
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Excellent for fan training on a north wall.
Smaller than its sweet cousins, the Morello cherry is self-fertile and crops heavily in most parts of the country. 
Morello Cherry tolerates colder and wetter conditions than the sweet cherries. 
The cherries are pickable from the time their skin is dark red. 
At this stage, Morello Cherries are sour and should be cooked (they make great cherry jam). 
However if a Morello Cherry is left on the tree into August (by which time its skin will be practically black) it will be edible off the tree in the same way that a tart eating apple is. Morello Cherry is self-fertile and grows well against walls including north facing ones (it takes more shade than a sweet cherry such as Stella). 
All sour cherries fruit carry next years fruit on this year's new growth so prune hard to encourage new wood, without removing all of this year's development. As with all cherries, prune Morello Cherry trees in summer to avoid bacterial infection of the cuts.

The mature size is about 4m x 4m (12ft x 12ft)

Planting distance should be at least 4m (12ft apart)

-Size: Supplied as a bare root tree pruned to approximately 3 feet (1 metre) tall including roots.