Picture of Maxicrop Mosskiller and Lawn Tonic

Maxicrop Mosskiller and Lawn Tonic

Clears your lawn of Moss and feeds the grass
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Maxicrop's Lawn Tonic and Moss Killer is a natural seaweed extract with added ferrous sulphate. For use only as a home garden lawn treatment. Simply mix with water in a watering can or sprayer. The liquid application saturates moss and kills it quickly and efficiently, while the seaweed extract tonic encourages grass re-growth, improves rooting and greens up the grass.

•2.5 litres (treats approx 100 sq.yds)

Organic Seaweed Extract with 16.4% ferrous sulphate & 2% nitrogen. NPK: 2-0-0

Rake out the blackened moss to allow room for grass to regrow.

-Size: 2.5 litre