Picture of rootgrow™  100% UK Mycorrhizal fungi

rootgrow™ 100% UK Mycorrhizal fungi

The best start possible and feeding your plants for life!
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For better establishment, naturally healthier plants, stronger flowering and fruiting, better drought resistance rootgrow™ is all you need. Unlike a fertiliser that runs out over time rootgrow™ which comprises of (UK) origin Mycorrhizal fungi, will develop into a huge secondary root system increasing the root area of your plants  by up to 700 times.  These fungi have evolved to help plants find essential nutrients, minerals and moisture and pass them back to the plant. In exchange the fungal partner takes carbon and sugars from its host. A perfect partnership made millions of years ago!

One simple application at planting time is all it takes to establish this relationship. Once you have used this amazing product you will wonder how you managed to grow your plants without it.

Endorsed by RHS Gardeners, (recommended in RHS planting guidelines for roses and trees), used regularly on BBC GW, and now widely available throughout the UK rootgrow™ is suitable for almost all new plants*.

Want to know more?

Mycorrhizal fungi are widespread throughout nature and are fundamental to plant growth and development. Over 90% of all land plants associate with these natural organisms as a mechanism for sustained water and nutrient supply.
Shortly after application, the fungi in rootgrow™ will begin to colonise the plant or tree roots, extending into the surrounding soil via an extensive network of fungal filaments. Up to 20 metres of these filaments can be found in an area of soil the size of a sugar cube! The fungi extract water and nutrients from the soil, providing them to the plant in exchange for carbon. Once fully established, this fungal network links the root systems of adjacent plants and trees, allowing more efficient sharing of resources throughout the plant community.

Key benefits of planting with rootgrow™:

Superior establishment with better natural vigour
Increased ability to overcome re-plant problems
Better developed root systems
Enhanced drought tolerance
One application will support a plant for its lifetime
Completely natural, native to UK soils, and suitable for organic use
Almost all plants will benefit from a single application
How much do I need?
Containerised or rootballed plants
9 cm pot: 1 tsp or 5 g (a 360 g sachet will treat approximately 72 plants)
2-3 litre pot: 1 scoop or 25 g (a 360 g sachet will treat approximately 18 plants)
4-5 litre rose: 2 scoops or 50 g (a 360 g sachet will treat approximately 9 roses) 
15 litre tree: 3 scoops or 75 g (a 360 g sachet will treat approximately 5 trees)

* rootgrow™  is not suitable for the following plants only: Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Cranberries, Blueberries, Heathers and the Brassica family – (rootgrow can be used on all other ‘ericaceous’ plants) It should be noted that using on these plants will not harm them, it just won’t work.

360gm pouch