Picture of Floral Meadow seed mix - Bird attractant

Floral Meadow seed mix - Bird attractant

Grow food for your garden birds
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This mix of seed contains 21 annual and perennial flowering species that will provide a source of food for birds wery early in the season and throughout the winter. Linen seeds are particularly early and much liked. This is followed by the season of sorghum, millet and sunflower, food for the chaffinch and goldfinch. Some of the species included in this mix are Helianthus Annuus, Cosmos Bipinnatus, Panicum Miliaceum and Sorghum Nigrum. There is enough seed in each packet for 30 square metres, but as the seed has no sow by date it can be kept and used year after year on smaller areas.

Average Height - 80 cm

Sowing Time - March to June

Start Flowering - 6 to eight weeks after sowing.

Average Flowering Period - 3 to 4 Months

-Size: pack sows 7m2